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ATO phone scams
Posted On on May 27, 2015

WARNING: Please Be Aware of ATO Phone Scams

We have heard of a recent phone scam by a person claiming to be from the Australian Taxation Office. They know your name and address and warn you that you have an outstanding debt with the ATO. They say the Australian Federal Police is on its way with a warrant for your arrest if you do not agree to pay on the spot. The caller will use an aggressive tone intending to frighten you. The ATO will never do this.
If you have a debt with the ATO, there will be letters reminding you that the debt is due and any action they take to recover the debt will be in writing. They will also contact TannerSALT Accountants, as your accountant, to ensure that you are aware of the debt.
If you do receive a call from the ATO, please ask the following:
· Name of the person
· Which section of the ATO are they calling from? Ie BAS, debt collection etc..
· A reference number for the call – please be aware that ATO reference numbers do not start with letters.
· A contact number so that you can hang up and call them back.
· Don’t give them any personal information
· Tell them to contact your registered Tax Agent (TannerSALT Accountants) as they will be able to help with their query.

If you have any doubt, refer them to TannerSALT Accountants. We have a vast knowledge of how the ATO operates and we will be able to handle their queries for you. To learn more about the various scams relating to the Australian Taxation Office please click here:

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